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      Asset Allocation Models

      Asset allocation models are as diverse as the number of investors in the universe because every individuals needs are unique. Some basic principals and theories are applicable
      to asset allocation models however the driving factors for individual investors to consider
      have remained constant:

      • Risk Tolerance
      • Liquidity Needs
      • Time Horizon (Long term of short term)
      • Tax Efficiencies

      All client Allocation Models are customized in order to Maximize our clients performance while mitigating unnecessary risk. These are a few asset allocation models contemplated by our clients and executed by Berkshire Advisors:

      All individual portfolios may utilize a variety of traditional and alternative investment products to diversify risk.

      These include:

      • Individual Equity and Bond Issues
      • ETF's - Exchange Traded Funds
      • No Load and Load Waived Mutual Funds
      • Real Estate Transactions including: REITS, Sr. Secured Debt, and REMICS
      • Alternative Investments including: Hedge Funds, Private Equity,
      • Venture Capital, Private Placements and Mezzanine Funds.