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    Revisit your Equity Wish List

    It may be a GOOD time to revisit your stock/ mutual fund BUY & SELL wish more here...

    Rising Stock Market Boosts Retirement Accounts

    Some positive news..... The stock market has boosted retirement plan account values.

    Soaring Stock Market Boosts Retirement Accounts

    By Roland Jones

    A soaring stock market over the past three months has paid off handsomely for America’s retirement accounts, according to new data from Fidelity Investments, the nation’s largest 401(k) administrator.

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    Reducing the wrong kind of debt prior to retirement can save your retirement dreams.

    Don't Let Debt Weigh Down Your Retirement

    By Karen Cheney

    (Money Magazine) -- Not so long ago debt "was a four-letter word when spoken in the same breath as "retirement." Before waltzing into their golden years, older Americans paid off their loans, then celebrated by burning the mortgage.

    How things have changed!

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