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      Quantiative Philosophy

      Our Large Cap Value Portfolio seeks to provide total return by investing in blue chip companies which we believe are undervalued. Our value portfolios invest in a broad base of large capitalized companies with the following criteria:

      • Market capitalizations greater than $3 Billion
      • Consistent earnings and/or dividend histories
      • Companies with attractive valuations
      • Maximum holdings of 30-60 Stocks

      Berkshire Advisors deploys our proprietary quantitative analysis with a focus on, but not limited to the following quantitative factors:

      • Absolute Price to Earnings
      • Absolute Price to Book
      • Earning consistency
      • Dividend payout ratios
      • Revenue growth
      • Momentum factors
      • Price Trends

      Our institutional philosophy commits us to style consistency, a focused strategy, emotionless execution, and style drift avoidance. We believe that our quantitative process helps us identify opportunities more quickly, therefore eliminating emotion from buy/sell decisions; hence ensuring an efficient and reliable process during changes in market conditions.